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Supervision in Virginia beach

Supervision Central & Counseling Services is changing the game when it comes to licensure supervision. If you are looking for a supervisor that will take a personal approach to helping you meet your needs, SCCS is the place for you. Not only will you grow clinically and ethically sound as a clinician, you will also be prepared when it comes to taking your LCSW Exam.


Arisza Hillman, LCSW has been helping to develop leaders for well over a decade. She is personable and motivated to help her supervisees grow and develop at their own pace. Arisza utilizes the Developmental Model of supervision where she helps to develop the strengths and growth areas for her supervisees. SCCS’ goal for supervision is to maximize and identify growth needed for future leaders and mental health professionals. Whether you are looking to receive supervision individually or in a dyadic or group format, SCCS can meet your needs.    


Organized and Efficient

After hearing numerous horror stories about the LCSW exam, I knew finding a strong clinical supervisor would be key to my success and Arisza was that key! She challenged me weekly with case scenarios, practice exams and homework. She taught me how to take the exam and she made me feel confident in my ability to pass. On the day of my exam I felt more than prepared and I passed the first time! I am forever grateful to Arisza and for her ability to break down concepts and for encouragement. She is a superb clinician and supervisor!

Atiya Nathan, Ed.D, LCSW 

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