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Supervision Central and Counseling services (SCCS) is all about improving mental health for those in our community.    Our mission is to offer our clients a clear vision for their future.  Our counselors primary goals is to help our clients meet their goals!

We offer valuable guidance on how to achieve your goals.   SCCS counselors focus on general mental health and offer a range of diverse services, making us a pit stop for all things mental health related.   We offer various forms of services including couples counseling, depression, anxiety, career issues, substance abuse and an array of other issues.    

We also offer businesses with coaching, mentoring, and training solutions to help improve their infrastructure. We value our clients and do not hesitate to go the extra mile to ensure their satisfaction.  

Lastly, our Clinical supervision program is the best in Virginia.   We ensure that our supervisees are trained to help our clients better themselves and their situations.  With our personalized approach, we are able to help supervisees grow and develop into true professionals of the Social Work field.

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We offer supervision, consultation, coaching, mentoring, and psychotherapy services.

Therapy With SCCS?

Therapy can be life altering for many people in a positive way. Finding someone that you feel comfortable sharing life’s most intimate details with can be a challenge. However, SCCS has some of the most personable, supportive and skilled therapists in the mental health field.

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Supervision With SCCS?

SCCS is changing the game when it comes to clinical supervision.   If you are looking for a supervisor that will take a personal approach to helping you meet your needs, SCCS is the place for you.  Not only will you grow clinically and ethically sound as a clinician, you will also be prepared when it comes to taking your LCSW Exam.

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Consultation With SCCS?

If you are in need of consultation services to assist with developing your team or growing your leadership skills, you have come to the right place.  

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What Our Customer Says

After hearing numerous horror stories about the LCSW exam, I knew finding a strong clinical supervisor would be key to my success and Arisza was that key! She challenged me weekly with case scenarios, practice exams and homework. She taught me how to take the exam and she made me feel confident in my ability to pass. On the day of my exam I felt more than prepared and I passed the first time! I am forever grateful to Arisza and for ability to break down concepts and for encouragement. She is a superb clinician and supervisor!

Atiya Nathan, Ed.D, LCSW


Mrs. Hillman was my clinical supervisor throughout my process of becoming an LCSW. Her supervision and guidance were invaluable to help me prepare for and conquer the test!! Her approach was very experiential as she made the content applicable to my real-life role that I was in at the time. I am also someone who suffers with test anxiety which has historically affected my scores negatively. Mrs. Hillman helped me gain confidence by providing materials that were relevant and aligned to the test. Without her support and guidance, I would not have achieved this major milestone!

Kevin Bosin, LCSW


Arisza is a fantastic listener and communicator. She's empathetic to folks who have never used therapy or counseling services before, so the process feels frictionless. Working with Arisza has brought clarity to our relationship. Highly recommended!

Anonymous client

We Are Here For You

At SCCS, our objective is to help our clients find direction and work towards their life goals.  We are always available for our clients and willing to help them overcome their. challenges.
We are available over the phone, virtually through tele-health or in-person.  Our clients can reach us when it matters.


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